Ametros Learning is an e-learning platform that allows people to practice soft-skills in a low-risk, simulated environment. These simulations are essentially email chatbots — the learner is given a task (“Find a graphic designer for our company’s new logo.”, “Help our company navigate a PR crisis”, etc.) and must email fictional characters in order to carry out the task. AI powered by IBM Watson (which you may remember from its brief stint on Jeopardy!) reads the learner’s email for tone and content and responds with an email in the character’s voice, created by combining pre-written paragraphs.

At Ametros, I’ve taken on both high-level design and “dialogue” writing. As a designer, I’ve created documents and flowcharts to demonstrate how a simulation will progress depending on the learner’s performance. As a dialogue writer, I’ve written individual email paragraphs in a variety of different character voices. I’ve also written ancillary material such as the character and company bios. The role has required me to quickly integrate into a fast-paced, multi-disciplinary team while writing to the specifications and limitations of the technology.