Hi! I'm a writer and narrative designer looking for new opportunities in gaming and interactive media.

Tabletop roleplaying sparked my initial interest in making games; by hacking and writing my own modules for Dungeons & Dragons, I saw how mechanics influenced play and encouraged different kinds of experiences. Soon I began exploring ways to replicate the feeling I got from tabletop within interactive fiction and video games – for those times when I couldn't get a bunch of friends around a table. “Fallout: New Vegas” is my “north star” of narrative game design for the way it balances emergent player experience and authored narrative in a giant, reactive open world where you can do almost anything.

Professionally, I've freelanced as a writer and designer for AI-based training simulations at Ametros Learning. I’ve created full casts of characters, designed simulation pathways for IBM Watson , and written branching dialogue that reacts to user input. I've also made text games with Ink ("Sentry") and Twine (“Diviner”, “The Worst Wing”), a silly score attack game with Gamemaker Studio (“William Gibson: The Game”), and short games with Bitsy ("Bedtime Story"). The San Francisco Bay Area Interactive Fiction Group chose Diviner as a featured game for a meetup, describing it as “a tricky Twine-based fantasy puzzle to save your town while fasting in solitary confinement.”


Oh, and I do fun social media storytelling experiments, like a Twitter account where I tell Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories by poll!

Outside the world of games and interactive fiction, I have four years experience in film distribution and encoding, where I'm part of an international team coordinating quality control, implementing fixes, and writing reports and training material. I have a BFA from Ryerson University's film program, where I first honed my writing skills. I have tons of experience working on multidisciplinary teams and love helping integrate people's disparate talents and inspirations.

If you're interested in reading the full scripts sampled here, have any queries, would like to see a more comprehensive resume, or wish to pay me money in exchange for writing services, kindly fill out the form on the Contact page.


(Cogs [kogs, kawgs] -- the bits that chug along and keep an engine functioning how it's supposed to.

Spanners [span-ners] -- the sudden, unexpected malfunctions that send everything spinning off in a new direction)