Hi! I'm a Toronto-based writer and narrative designer looking for new opportunities in gaming and interactive media.


I went to Ryerson for film, where my focus was screenwriting and editing. Tabletop roleplaying sparked my initial interest in making games; by hacking and writing my own modules for Dungeons & Dragons, I saw how mechanics influenced play and encouraged different kinds of experiences. Soon I began exploring ways to replicate the feeling I got from tabletop within interactive fiction and video games – for those times when I couldn't get a bunch of friends around a table. “Fallout: New Vegas” is my “north star” of narrative game design for the way it balances emergent player experience and authored narrative in a giant, reactive open world where you can do almost anything.

I'm passionate about narrative, have tons of experience working as part of interdisciplinary teams, and I write fast. Hire me!

Interested in reading the full scripts sampled here? Have any queries? Want to see a more comprehensive resume? Wish to pay me money in exchange for writing services? Kindly fill out the form on the Contact page or shoot me an email at


(Cogs [kogs, kawgs] -- the bits that chug along and keep an engine functioning how it's supposed to.

Spanners [span-ners] -- the sudden, unexpected malfunctions that send everything spinning off in a new direction)