Hi! I'm Josh Labelle, a Toronto-based writer and narrative designer.


I went to Ryerson for film, where my focus was screenwriting and editing. Tabletop roleplaying sparked my initial interest in making games; by hacking and writing my own modules for Dungeons & Dragons, I saw how mechanics influenced play and encouraged different kinds of experiences. Soon I began exploring ways to replicate the feeling I got from tabletop within interactive fiction and video games – for those times when I couldn't get a bunch of friends around a table.

“Prey” and “Fallout: New Vegas” are my “north stars” of narrative game design for the way they balance emergent player experience and authored narrative in giant, reactive open worlds where you can do almost anything. In the mobile space, Inkle games like “80 Days” and “Sorcery” are my ideal experiences because of the way they combine beautiful prose, compelling choices, and sleek, simple UX design.

I currently work at Glu Mobile as a narrative designer on an upcoming narrative game. In the past, I’ve worked in the e-learning space at Ametros Learning, writing and designing simulations that convey curriculum material through compelling narratives that play out entirely through email chatbot conversations. I also write and design interactive fiction using a variety of tools. Outside of games, I’ve written and directed short films and worked for 4 years in film distribution.

Interested in reading the full scripts sampled here? Have any queries? Want to see a more comprehensive resume? Wish to pay me money in exchange for writing services? Kindly fill out the form on the Contact page or shoot me an email at


(Cogs [kogs, kawgs] -- the bits that chug along and keep an engine functioning how it's supposed to.

Spanners [span-ners] -- the sudden, unexpected malfunctions that send everything spinning off in a new direction)