Game jams

Everything on this page was created for an game jam. These are short games made under a time crunch, usually with some sort of specific prompt or theme provided. They're a great way to interact with other people in the indie game community, learn to create according to specifications, and practice producing creative work under deadlines.


A Pleasant Stroll

This was made for the "Cessation of Existence" game jam. The parameters were to create a game "about what would happen if there was nothing after death, no consciousness, no feeling, no existence, no anything."

This topic seemed pretty morbid, but also posed an interesting challenge. It allowed me to stretch my novice skills with Gamemaker -- the first part of the game is a (very brief) platformer while the rest is a strange, short post-mortem text adventure.




Made for the 2018 So Bad It's Good game jam!  The goal was to create a game so entertainingly bad that it becomes good, based around a cyberpunk theme.

In William Gibson: The Game, you are seminal cyberpunk author William Gibson sitting down to write a novel. Can you catch all the information as it flies at you, wrack up a high score, and invent the cyberpunk future?

(With apologies to Mr. Gibson. Disclaimer: actual writing of Neuromancer may not have occurred as depicted.)