THE WORST WING is a text and pixel art game in which you take on the role of an incompetent President of the United States attempting to navigate an assortment of bizarre scandals. Can you keep your approval ratings high enough to avoid impeachment, assassination, and nuclear war? Can you make it all the way to election day and win a second term?

Designing this game:

  • allowed me to write an extended branching dialogue in the scenario in which the President argues with a seagull. This scenario has about half a dozen short, separate dialogue branches that intertwine and converge on a few possible ending nodes.

  • exercised my skill writing barks. The Chief of Staff character has ten unique lines that alternate every time he addresses you between scandal scenarios. A couple of other characters throughout have alternating lines or paragraphs that randomly alternate.

  • taught me to balance risks/rewards when offering player's choices in interactive fiction.